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The right product at the right time.

Pontchartrain Hotel
Tasked with finding ways to add ‘old-world’ charm to a guest’s stay, Identity Works created custom antique church keys and key paddles to match the hotel’s design and branding.

Hand selected products to speak your brand’s language

With professional merchandisers on staff, Identity Works actively pursues product ideas that speak to your brand and organization’s DNA. Put us to work for you today.

A different approach to ideation

We pride ourselves on taking a different approach from most promotional products professionals. We dive deep with organizations to understand their brand, culture, strategic goals, and events calendar. We use this information to provide proactive suggestions, branded product samples, and art boards to clients so they are armed with relevant ideas that will generate a response. Our goal is to get you exactly what you want before you even have to ask about it.

Prefer to shop online or browse products at your own pace? We’ve got you covered there, too. Our website features a hand-curated collection of promotional ideas, where we’ve sifted through the hundreds of thousands of possible promotional ideas to highlight our favorite products that have been successfully implemented by clients in the industries we serve. We also host one of the largest private tradeshows in the Midwest at the beginning of the year, giving our customers the opportunity to explore and examine products, discuss projects with our team, and interact directly with manufacturers to learn what’s hot and working well with other customers in their industry.