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Our graphics team is your graphics team.

Turtle Stack Brewery
A new up-and coming microbrewery in WI wanted to launch a line of branded gear to sell to their adoring fans. Identity Works delivered by designing and decorating limited edition hoodies for their fall/Oktoberfest apparel line.

In-house graphics means fast production

Whether you need a tag line added to your logo or help with a t-shirt imprint, every project gets detailed attention from our graphics team.

By having our graphics and creative team in-house, our clients benefit from graphics experts who know and understand their brand. This means better adherence to brand standards, consistent use of placement and color, and quicker turnaround on creative services that get it right the first time.

Logo designs

Apparel decoration designs

Print design, newsletters, direct mail

In-house art for expedited production

Product photography

Online graphics

Let us be your graphics department!