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Custom-built QuickBrand® Online Stores.

What Our Clients Say...

“Our QuickBrand Online Store from Identity Works has saved us and our licensees countless dollars and hours of time, greatly contributing to our success in retail furniture sales and manufacturing… I give it 5 stars and consider it a top marketing supply chain solution.”
Benjamin Thorud, Ashley Furniture Industries

Automate and simplify your marketing merchandise procurement for FREE

Streamline your organization’s procurement through a site that houses all your marketing, tradeshow, and branded merchandise products in one central location. Identity Works is a leader in scalable e-commerce sites that are mobile responsive. Custom functionality specific to your organization is no problem with our in-house programmers.

Multiple options for motivating and rewarding your team.

Outfit your staff in the brands they love through a corporate apparel program.

Motivate and reward employees with an online rewards program.

Say thank you, with a holiday gift store that allows your team members to self select the gift that is just right for them individually.

And the list goes on with what Identity Works can offer your organization with our customized QuickBrand Online Store solutions.

In-house programmers and account specific teams keep the focus on you.

Our programmers build a site with functionalities unique to your organization’s needs. We can tie into your established systems and processes making these sites work seamlessly with your already established procedural requirements.

Our professional merchandisers, creative consultants, account managers, and designers make up a team specific to your account and work in concert with you selecting the products and services that will make your QuickBrand Online Store launch with excitement and stay fresh with new and exciting products over the course of our ongoing engagement.

Can’t touch this.

There are very few companies that can compete with Identity Works in terms of professional, technical, creative, design, fulfillment, and service related professionalism when it comes to branded merchandise and online store solutions. Our creativity and capabilities come from within and work in concert with you. We don’t outsource technical and creative capabilities, these our in our DNA.

Free to qualified organizations.

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International Software Company uses a QuickBrand Online Store to serve a multitude of marketing, employee, and client needs.


An international software company had needs in the areas of overall marketing supply chain solution, employee apparel and swag program, and a rewards and fulfillment program for a customer certification program.

Through our automated and customized QuickBrand Online Store (coupled with our onsite fulfillment services), Identity Works provides a single platform that meets all of these needs: marketing administrators can order needed marketing supplies; employees can order or be rewarded with branded apparel and swag; and specialists who obtain increasing certification levels for the clients’ software are gifted with personalized certificates and “certification shirts.”

The result:
All stakeholders have a specific and customized solution for their needs while all running on the same platform providing convenience and efficiency.

Rewards program run through a custom QuickBrand Online Store brings employees and teams together after merger.

rewards1An international food science company was facing a challenge. With over 1,000 employees interspersed throughout North America, their single brand identity was getting lost. Employees identified themselves by their division or through the company’s previous names, creating a sense of disconnect between the company and the employee base and creating challenges in brand messaging.

Enter Identity Works and the QuickBrand store platform. Hearing the customer’s pain points, we created a rewards store, where managers throughout all divisions worldwide use store gift certificates as incentives. Employees can redeem these gift certificates for premium apparel and lifestyle products, carrying the new, unified brand. Employees around North America were able to provide feedback into the product selection, giving them an instant sense of ownership. This caused employees to embrace the program immediately!

The result:
Employees have an online storefront, filled with products they actually want and are excited to earn through their performance. Managers have an extremely simple and standardized way to incentivize employees. And the company has created brand champions out of their employee base across North America, erasing the divide between corporate divisions as they seek to go to market with a unified brand message

QuickBrand Online Store brings brand consistency to national brand where individual stores are independently owned.

ConsistencyA national retailer was facing a dilemma. They were ready to launch retooled branding to be adopted by all of their stores. The stores, all independently owned and operated, were reluctant to adopt the branding. Enter Identity Works and QuickBrand Online Stores. Using our simple online platform, the store chain leveraged a single supply chain solution for all of the “brand new” apparel, store signage, point of purchase displays, print collateral, and in-store promotional items. To ease the rollout, Identity Works created POP kits for new and retrofit stores, allowing a store to quickly and easily upgrade to the new modern brand with a single order.

The result:
Store owners can quickly and easily obtain all of their brand assets through a single supply chain. Corporate can focus on growing sales. And customers get the exact fresh, modern, personal experience corporate intended with their new branding.

QuickBrand Online Store allows marketing administrator to streamline procurement, and she now has time for planning and other priorities.

AutomationThe typical brand manager, when we first meet them, has two jobs. The job they’re supposed to do, and the job they spend their time doing instead. Instead of focusing on how to grow and refine their brand, most brand managers spend time dealing with logos that are used incorrectly, sales and marketing experts ordering products that don’t match the brand values, or putting out fires when someone takes initiative to order branded gear and makes a mistake. These are the issues we tackled for a large public policy organization. By guiding the merchandise selection process in an outcome-based format and creating specific rules on usage of products, the brand team can let marketing experts self-service and confidently buy their own product from a convenient website. They always get the right product for the right purpose, knowing it has the quality necessary to properly represent the brand.

The result:
Brand teams that get to do the jobs they were hired for. Marketing professionals who feel empowered. And a single, efficient supply chain of products that are all verified to be “on-brand”.

Local solution gets rolled out nationally due to efficiency of QuickBrand Online Store program

EfficiencyA retail store owner (part of a national chain) had an interesting idea. Through non-traditional signage, he wanted to draw more foot traffic to a store in an area with mostly pedestrian traffic. The Identity Works team brainstormed, found the right solution, and delivered. Then (and here’s the fun part) we made this unique solution available to the other stores nationwide in that chain through their QuickBrand Online Store. This great idea can now be replicated all over the country with very minimal effort through verified and on-brand products.
The result:
Empowered employees who are able to share (and roll out) ideas on a national level to make a real impact company-wide.