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TOP 10

reasons to join our team

  1. Every day is different; boredoms not an option  here.
  2.  You can always find a pen, and the pens are darn nice.
  3. People occasionally bring their dog to work. How can you not like a place with a dog?
  4.  We’re small enough that you have the potential to make an impact in our business, yet big enough to provide the tools to get you there.
  5.  We like cool music.
  6. Our clients are the best to work with.
  7. Healthy lifestyle is encouraged. We get to exercise during the day.
  8.  Working here feels like a family.
  9. We get paid to shop, but we don’t spend a penny of our own money.
  10. We’ve sold electronic beer coolers on wheels that you can ride like a go-cart.

The right team

With a growing team of professionals and thriving in a creative marketplace, Identity Works has established itself as a get it done right creative company. We take advertising and marketing supply chain management to a new level.

We value those with creative capabilities coupled with attention to detail that have the FIO (Figure It Out) nectar running through their veins. We train you, we cross train you and then we expect you to fly and be self-sufficient in getting tasks done individually and in teams. Flexibility in working outside of rigid job descriptions is needed and valued in a company our size.

We want to hear from you.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, then this just may be the place for you. We do have positions that open from time to time in areas such as outside sales, graphic design, web design & programming, social media management, online store management, order entry, inside account management, billing, embroidery, screen printing, warehouse picking and packing to name a few.

Send a cover letter and resume to: resumes@v2.idwhost.com

If you see a position advertised on Monster.com in the future, please be sure to reconnect with us, as we do receive many employment inquiries. If you have skills that we just MUST see, even though we may not have a position open, then you know what to do next. If not, please pretend that you did not read the last two sentences.

Thank you!