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Fuel, Hardware, Food, and Bait

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Bridget and I have been around water our entire lives. She grew up in a family of seven in Madison and would go to her grandparent’s place on Lake Monona every Sunday with throngs of cousins. My family originally hailed from upstate New York where our family of ten kids would descend on our grandparent’s place on Lake Ontario and spend the bulk of our summer swimming, playing games and catching fish.

These experiences instilled a love of the water in both of us dating back to as long as we can remember, staying with us throughout our married life. In fact, our very first home was purchased on a chain of lakes in Minocqua. Today, we enjoy a summer family cottage in northern Wisconsin in order to share the lake experience with our kids.

In these small northern lake towns, we have come to rely on and love the local “all-in-one” establishments. They sell everything from gas and groceries to hardware and fishing bait. You just can’t beat these local one-stop shops for convenience and service. Swoop in, get what you need, and if you want, enjoy some interesting conversation with the locals ranging from fishing tips to politics. These establishments really do make life flow better.

While recently closing down our summer place for the winter it dawned on me that in some ways this is the type of business we have built in the marketing world. Our clients have a vast variety of needs that we can meet. Whether you just need some quick help with a small project or help on several fronts, we have the people and expertise to get it done.

Think of us as that special place where you know people by name and can trust that you will be taken care of no matter what the project at hand is. We’ll make it easy on you and take on as much as you need so you can focus on other things knowing we have it covered.  Having Identity Works as a partner will not only help your business be more successful, but will give you more time to enjoy that special place of yours, whether it be a place on the lake or those other interests you never have time for. Life is too short; make sure you work with people that make it more enjoyable.

Tom Hanchette
Identity Works, Inc.


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