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Is “Mobilegeddon” going to kill your seo?

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Is “Mobilegeddon” going to kill your seo?

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endguygreyShort answer, yes. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you have likely heard that a change in Google’s search algorithm is coming that favors sites that are mobile friendly. In fact that time has now come.

Since 60% (and growing) of internet traffic now takes place on mobile devices, Google wants to ensure that consumers are getting search results that favor sites optimized for these devices.

It is estimated that the vast majority of small businesses do not have mobile-friendly websites. If you are one of them, your search rankings WILL suffer under this change. Frankly, it does not do much for your company image either as it makes you look “behind the times.”

Why the foot dragging? Well some of you likely just have not prioritized this being busy with so many other tasks and others may think that redoing their website is just too expensive. One, the time has come to bring your site up to date and if you work with a competent professional, it will be quite painless and rewarding. Two, it is actually quite affordable to get a decent mobile responsive site these days if you work with the right web specialist.

So what are you waiting for? We live in the digital age and your site needs to work well on mobile. You could get away with it before, but now Google is going to punish you in terms of rankings if you delay any longer.

You will be amazed and proud to see your new site and the readability it has once optimized for mobile. Your mobile responsive site will reflect well on your business, giving your customers confidence in your capabilities.


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