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What does independence mean to you?

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What does independence mean to you?

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Another Independence Day has come and gone. While there is the big meaning for Independence that our ancestors fought for and for which our military still stands, there are also lots of other ways of looking at independence.

I found myself pondering that this past July 4th weekend (I had lots of time to think while spending hours cutting up trees that had fallen on trails on our land and mowing pastures!).

What does independence mean to you? When it comes to your job, do you have independence to make decisions and is your knowledge base and experience level such that you are trusted to do so?

Do your business relationships allow you to be more independent and free or less so? If you work with outside vendors, you might consider their value in this context. At Identity Works we strive to provide solutions that free up client time and help streamline their processes when it comes to procuring and managing the types of products and services we sell. Why be in B2B business if you are not making your clients lives easier and freer to focus on high level tasks.

I am not a person that really enjoys interviewing all that much. I love to talk to people and learn about them on a deeper level but when there are many interviews to do, the other work I have stacks up meaning late nights to catch up. Despite this, I always relish the idea of what new hires can bring to the table and I look at every job opening we have as an opportunity to enhance and upgrade our capabilities with new employees that bring additional and new skill sets to the table.

We have recently hired staff for our soon to open satellite office in Madison, Wisconsin and we have brought on new people to replace those that have moved out of town, taken other jobs outside the company and retired. All great people that brought new skills, experience, and wisdom to their new endeavors (talking both sets: those that moved on and those that have come to Identity Works). New blood, new experience, and new knowledge: After nearly 20 years in business it is wonderful just how much freedom and independence this influx of superb and ever better talent gives to me personally and to our company.

That makes an owner proud and leaves one with the fresh feeling of independence where you know you have a company where people get it and take ownership for what it is they do each and every day. Let’s call this the “Freedom Factor”

This Freedom Factor has many aspects to it. Ownership getting to focus more on the big picture because of the skill of the team in executing on their responsibilities. Freedom Factor also means team members being satisfied as they are in control and independent. Their consistent and proactive performance builds a trust that allows leadership to leave them to independently manage tasks and do what they do best.

Where would you rate your personal Freedom Factor and that of your organization? Are your actions enhancing the Freedom Factor or taking away from it?

Like many things in life it may not always be easy to get to that high level but if you focus on it, you will get there and when you do, it will feel wonderful:


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