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What in the world is Process Immersion?

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Let me start answering that by asking another question. Have you ever gone to a business and had a negative experience?

Of course you have. Yet that business owner surely started his or her business with all sorts of dreams, inspiration, and hope for the future. She paid someone to build a new website, invested in advertising and got excited when people started coming through the door, ordering online, or calling on the phone. She may have even started out doing a great job surpassing customer expectations, but as time went on lost the edge.

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to being objective about our own business. Our expertise can actually keep us from being objective and blind us to problems. It is hard to look at things objectively and with fresh perspective when you are in the trenches day in and day out. After all, that is where the phrase, “can’t see the forest for the trees” comes from. We can sometimes be our own worst enemy in this regard. We’re often so close to the action that we miss where we are falling short at pleasing the client.

Imersion2That is where our Process Immersion comes in. It simply comes down to this. For a crazy reasonable fee, we become the objective customer, we analyze where there may be breakdowns in meeting customer expectations and we report back to you. Ideally you fix the issues and only THEN do you spend money with us or others to advertise, market and engage with your customers and prospective clients.

Oftentimes business owners just pump dollars into advertising before they take a step back. If our great ideas work and drive people to your business and these same people have a negative experience, then you just wasted your marketing dollars. In fact, you made it even harder for the future, as you just lost credibility with the people we drove to you. These days it’s not just that a person who has a negative experience will tell ten other people. Oh no, now they may Tweet it out, post it on Facebook, post a negative review on Yelp, and so on until hundreds or even thousands of people may see it and pass it on.

Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to have someone that is objective, kick the tires on your business to see where areas for improvement may be? That way you can implement corrective actions first, then spend money on advertising.

That’s what our Process Immersion is all about. Once the trees are no longer in your face, you can see clearly now and all is right with world. Feel good, click here:


Tom Hanchette
Identity Works, Inc.


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